About me

My name is Quinty van den Boogaard and I am a dancer that loves different styles of dancing and has multiple years of experience. Below you will find a list of the different styles I practise:

  • urban
  • modern
  • jazz
  • classical ballet
  • feminine/high heels
  • contemporary

Beside these styles I also frequently attend workshops in other dans styles such as: Afro, Bollywood, Dancehall and House.

I was born on June 16th 2002 and started dancing at age 7 at Go Dance Academy in Enschede. What started out as a hobby turned into an absolute passion over the years. I love to dance and because of that I started at the Utrechtse Dans Academie after I finished my middle-school in 2018 to become a professional Dancer and Dance-teacher. In june of 2021 I graduated from the Utrechtse Dans Academie as a Dancer, Dance-teacher and choreographer.

Over the years I’ve been performing in different dancestyles. I’ve been on stage multiple times competing as part of a hiphop and modern dancecrew which resulted in multiple prices. In 2018 I won the Dancestars Dutch Championship with both my own modern solo and duo choreography’s.

Besides perfoming on stage I love to teach dancing to little children and teens and attend workshops in all different styles as much as possible. I’ve been lucky enough to have attended workshops by a number of choreographers such as Timor Steffens, Kenzo Alvares, Vincent Vianen, Reis Fernando, Refaja Bastiaans, Jordy Sparidaens, Rob Polman, Senna Amarnis, Precious Alvares and many more.

I’ve also been on stage to perform as a dancer/entertainer at concerts and festivals such as “Snollebollekes in Concert” at the Gelredome, Emporium Festival, Dreamfields en Dreampop festival.

In december 2020 I officially registered myself as an independant dancer, dance-teacher and choreographer at the Chamber of Commerce in Enschede.

I hope you enjoy the pages on this site which are a small impression of my dance world.

If you are interested in hiring me as a dancer, teacher or choreographer please don’t hesitate to contact me.